Moving Services

When it's time to relocate, let A & L MOVING LLC in Fredericksburg, Texas be your first choice. We provide residential moving and commercial moving services that get you packed and ready to go in no time.

No Stair Fees

• Local Moving:

Let A & L MOVING LLC carefully transport your personal or business property to your destination with exceptional care and professionalism. We specialize in local, residential, and small commercial business moves. Simply contact us for a free estimate and let us schedule your move. It's that easy!

• Long-Distance Moving:

Trust in a company that makes moving simple. We are LICENSED and INSURED to move you anywhere in the state of Texas. You'll appreciate our personal service and the care we take with loading and unloading your valuables.

• In-Home Moving:

If you need to rearrange furniture within your home, just give A & L MOVING LLC a call. We will carefully relocate your items for you.

• Special Moving Services for Seniors:

Let A & L MOVING LLC help you move your loved one into their new residence. Whether they are moving into a new apartment or into an assisted living facility, we are happy to pack up their possessions and move them to save you time and effort.

• Rental Truck Loading & Unloading Service:

Sometimes the hardest part of the move is loading and unloading the truck. If you are moving yourself, A & L MOVING LLC will be happy to handle all of your loading and unloading. Our professional loading and unloading services help your move go smoother because you can count on every box and piece of furniture being in its proper place.

• Full or Partial Packing Services:

A & L MOVING LLC will also pack your home. You can choose how much or how little you would like to do. Our packing services can be as little as just a few wardrobe boxes to finish off the closets or we can pack everything from Grandma’s china to Dad’s tools! A & L MOVING LLC can provide everything from moving boxes and wardrobe boxes to specialty boxes for televisions and pictures. Just let us know how much or how little you prefer.

• College Students:

A & L MOVING LLC offers moving services for college students! Whether you are a student looking to make the college move easier or a parent trying to help out your aspiring graduate, you can count on A & L MOVING LLC.

• Furniture Removal:

A & L MOVING LLC will remove and recycle your old or unwanted furniture for you.

• Furniture Assembly:

A & L MOVING LLC knows putting together new furniture can be a real headache. Let our professionals take care of this for you.

• Home Staging:

A & L MOVING LLC provides home staging services to attract buyer interest in your home.

• Apartment Moves:

A & L MOVING LLC offers experienced apartment moving services. If you're looking for an apartment moving company, you can trust A & L MOVING LLC for quality work, a dedication to customer service, and honest, affordable pricing.